No, it's not time to pick Rudy, Fred, Hillary or Mr Obama..it's time to help out Val.
She has started her own photography company in beautiful Illinois.

If you go to her site and click on the links you will see that she does some beautiful work.
She just did a live birth. (ewww...I couldn't do that) ...

Anywhoo..she needs a tag line for her company. You can vote at her blog today.

FYI..MY submission was:

VWC Photography - Frame your World

I don't want to sway you to pick mine..although remember that Pioneer Woman said that I was Clever. :-)

There really are some great submissions, go take a look, you can pick three if you want.


Pumpkin said...

Hey there. Just a wee note before I fly to Scotland.
At the moment I live in the middle of Europe (can't say where incase my mother in law reads this and recognises me...yeah I'm THAT paranoid!).
I'll do the meme when I get back as my brain is melting at the moment through sheer number of things to organise before I get on the plane...lol.

And if anyone even THINKS of messing with the plane that my son and I are on, there will be hell to pay......*makes pathetic growly noises in attempt to scare any would be plane-messers!*

Thanks for your nice wishes hun, I'm sure it'll be a great week and even better, I'm sure I'll have a few stories to tell when I get back!!!!
You have a nice week!!

it's me, Val said...

That was so cute -- your post :) Thank you for all the sweet things you said and for just linking me. I love your submission -- others seem to also!

Thanks again, you rock! Have a simply fabulous weekend.


Biddy said...

take a deep breath!!! now go to www.nopudge.com

i promise, they are really freakin good - especially for a fat free brownie!! the website also tells you what grocery stores you can find it in, or you can order it on their website...

i want to try the original ones next...oh, and did i mention you can make a single serving in the microwave!? yep...i'm in love