exploding head time...

I've blogged in my head way to much this week and it was about to expload all over the place.

Today I have been SLAMMED.. My coworker that is having a baby didn't feel good today, I told her to take the day off and get some rest. Next week when I'm gone she'll have to tough it out..unless of course she goes into labor. THEN we have to deal w/ Operations people trying to sell things...and God didn't make it that way!

i had a huge paragraph on Al Sharpton...Jen 6 but had to take it out... I don't know enough to make an educated comment.
I do what to say when I see a noose I think of cowboys...and that one movie where they are going to hang the guy off the bridge and he reflects on his life... yeah... I have to find out what the title. is.

There is the link to the movie that I think of when you talk about a noose. It is called "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" I didn't realize the version that I saw was an episode of The Twilight Zone.

OK, enough about that. I'll get off my soapbox on that.
TV.. I think I have an outline on what I'm going to watch. Amazing Race doesn't start now, I was mistaken.

I need to go buy a suite after work tonight, what size will I get.. 12 or 14?? I bet it will be a 14, but that is SO ok!!

I was talking to my reps today. They are going to tell J how cool I am...this should be entertaining.

Does anyone want to be a guest host blogger while I'm gone? I will NOT have access to a computer from Friday evening until Wednesday evening.
It's not like I have tons of readers or anything..but I think it might be fun. You can write about anything that you want to!
I'm thinking maybe 2 or 3 posts...TOPS...pictures and video's are allowed too!
Lemme know!


Lulu said...

Good Lord, woman! A host blogger? I'm going to get fired from my real job just trying to keep my own blog updated!

PLUS, we're moving into Survivor season. And Ugly Betty. And Grey's Anatomy. And The Bachelor. And Dancing With the Stars.

I'm thinking of hiring a ghost writer...

Lulu said...

Okay, I'm having second thoughts. I was thinking about this on my LOOOOOOONG commute home from work. My piddly little brain might be able to come up with something.

By what time on Friday do you need a post?

Anonymous said...

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