Who, what, why, when???

I have been confused all day. WOW. Yesterday was that good day feeling. Today is just INSANE!

The day began like any other. I have a small puppy on my face ready to get up.

J is already up and takes the Jack outside. I get ready to leave and pack the dog up. It's puppy daycare at Grandma and Grandpa's. The main reason was the Home Depot guy is coming over to measure the back door. If you recall, dad broke my back door.

The short story: Dad was in charge of taking care of the cats when we were gone one weekend. It had been quite a while since he had been over and we neglected to give him the new key. He couldn't get in the house and broke the back door open. We have been gerryrigging it every since which isn't safe.

OK.. they were measuring for the new back door and J also had to paint the walls where they were scraped during the great furniture moving... you may recall THAT story.
So, Jack gets dropped of at 7am.
I'm on my way to work.
WTF is going on. Traffic..not normal traffic. There is an accident, RIGHT after people got off the highway.
I finally get to highway #2. WTF is THAT?? I'm smellin #2.
Did I step in Jack doo doo?
Ooooo doggies, that is RANCID!!
It smells like mold and poop...OMG! I turned off the AC. I wanted to check my shoes but I was going 60mph.
Cars were parting like the Red Sea in front of me. There I am, gagging and looking at this HUGE white truck.
Ahh hahhh.. I have my Brenda Leigh moment (The Closer reference for you people that have a life and don't watch TV as much as me).
The big white truck is the source of the stank. I put on my blinker and move to the next lane, exceeding 70mph to pass the sob.
MSD Truck..yep. That stands for Metropolitan Sewer Department. NICE..that was people poopy I was smellin.

OK..now I get to work. Start me day w/ my iced coffee and yogurt. This is the time I check my work email for those West Coast emails yesterday then I start w/ my Yahoo emails and read Pioneer Woman..she's first followed by Dad Gone Mad. They are usually new reads. WTF?? Phone is off the hook. We don't open til 8am but hey I'm in sales, I'm not going to let the phone go to voicemail.
Busy busy all morning long. I'm on the phone with a customer and my cell phone starts wringing. Damn I forgot to turn the ringer off. It's the Cure. (ringer tone, not on the other end of the phone)
I hit the silence button and then continued my work call. 2 minutes later it's ringing AGAIN!
I apologize 10 times and tell my customer that I think Home Depot may be on the phone, would she mind if I take the call...
It's the installer/measurer guy," Yeah, Mary? This is Bob with Home Depot. I am hear to measure for the door and your father is very confused".
OK..I look good but my husband does NOT look old enough to be my father AT ALL. I say, "huh?"
He said, "I'm at 1234 Maple Street"..
M: That's my parents house, you are supposed to be at 5678 Oak Street!
Bob: Oh, your dad doesn't need a door?
M: No you need to drive to Oak Street and see my husband.
Bob: OK

So the point was Jack was to be out of harms way. Now picture that cute little old man w/ their dog, my dog...THE LAWN CUTTING GUYS..oh yea, I didn't mention that...Bob the Home Depot guy all there at the same time. Plus he has my mother... well... that just adds to everything.

Now remember, I'm still in the same office where the phones started at 7:30am. I had my commission report to do this morning, a few presentations. And...new iPods were announced yesterday.

So, I haven't had lunch yet, it's 1:11pm...I'm hungry. I haven't been able to read blogs yet today. Can it get any stranger?

Don't answer that.


Biddy said...

sounds like you're having a Biddy day...poor thing

oh and btw, i told you i would meet you halfway with a pup!! still will!

Jay said...

Heh, that's pure craziness alright. I hope you got it out of your system and the rest of your week is much calmer.

slouching mom said...

Hah! That was quite a day.

A sewage truck! I can't believe it.

Lulu said...

Figures that Home Depot would get your address mixed up with your dad's. As long as little Jack is doing okay, that's all that matters.