My mother the Jewelry FREAK

My mother could be called a jewelry whore. I can't say that though cause it's extremely poor taste to use those two words in the same sentence. Freak is much better.

She has PILES of boxes with beads, and tools to make jewelry, plus she has piles of boxes of jewelry. The boxes are on her jewelry case, in drawers, on the floor. There are boxes upon boxes.

She can't wear that much jewelry. She doesn't go anywhere but church and the doctor. She just LOVES her jewelry. She has earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets. The jewelry is ordered from catalogs mainly. Ross Simon is one catalog, I have no idea what the other is. She gives the jewelry away. Birthdays, Christmas...you are just plain nice to Aunt Pat..and you get something.

My mother is also cursed with a daughter that really doesn't have an accessory brain in her body. I try, I really do but I'm limited. I feel stupid when I wear jewelry. I feel like, "look at me, I have on a necklace".... I have a DARLING scarf headband thing..but I feel the same way, "look at me I have on a darling scarf headband thing".

Recently I turned my mom on to my friend's homemade jewelry, which I actually like. My mom has decided to adopt her...she came to the house last night and I finally had to go home...they were still yapping about beads and crap at 7:45...I hadn't even been HOME yet!

I know I should NOT have introduced them, I am only fueling her addiction..I'm a jewelry enabler. But she's old and she REALLY loves it. She admits she'll never wear it all, she likes to look at it when it comes in the mail..then it goes on the floor in the box.

She thinks it is all "good" jewelry. Now there are no Rubies, Emeralds or Diamonds..but alot of crystals, CZ's, gold plated, sterling silver. One day when mom goes to the Gem Store in the sky I think I would be able to open a retail store..I would actually HAVE inventory to last a season.

Before she went on the buying spree of sorts she had nice things already..heirlooms, costume and genuine NICE stuff. My problem is I can't tell the diamond from the lump of coal.

Oh well, she's happy.... and a happy mother is a happy MP...


Jenn said...

I have exactly three pieces of nice jewelry. My husband bought me a pair of diamond earrings five years ago for Valentine's Day...and I haven't taken them out since. He also bought me a gorgeous amesthyst necklace and matching earrings...which I wear very occasionally.

I don't even wear a wedding ring. I work outside far too often to warrant the wearing of nice jewelry.

I admire it from afar, and I admire other people's jewelry...I just don't wear it.

lulu said...

That is so funny! I think that your mother and I would get along just fine. I'm a jewelry whore, er, freak as well. Actually, I'm about ready to start on my second standing jewelry box just to hold all of farkin' necklaces.

My name is Lulu, I am a jewelry whore.

Biddy said...

my mother can't stand the fact that i don't accessorize! i just feel like i'm going overboard you know? my mother always looks perfectly put together, but it's too much effort for me!!