drew and bb 003

drew and bb 003
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I found this while going through all my photos.. This just cracks me up. First off we don't have that god-aweful wall paper anymore. I had a camera that you could hook up to the computer and it took this picture. Drew was looking at his picture on the computer monitor. This was in 2003..so he was4 at the time. I just think it's adorable.


slouching mom said...

That is an adorable picture!

Pumpkin said...

Hiya, he is a trully cute wee boy!!!!

Sorry it took a while to comment, my brain has been making a lot of squishing noises lately, therefore nothing of any sense has been making it out of there!

I PROMISE that I am going to pick up a copy of Water for Elephants.....in fact went into my local bookshop at the weekend and ordered it......it's gonna take about 14 days, so I'll let you know when it gets here and what I think of it!

Have a great day!!