Oooopppsss My Bad

Damn kids...coming in and out the house w/out knocking!

Biddy Boo decided to take the weekend off..so I'll be over at her place. I already have one puppy..now I'll have to deal with them too. http://www.biddysworld.blogspot.com/

If you live anywhere near West Texas she'll give you a puppy...leave her a post!

OK...On to the rest of Chicago in a nutshell..cause the rest isn't as interesting...I think I'll do it in dots..

  • Work started paying for the hotel on Sunday. We had to pack up the penthouse and move to the Westin.

  • We walked/shopped/watched TV

  • Monday morning bright and early we went to work setting up our booth at the convention center. It was hot as hell and the AC wasn't on.

  • The Bose 3-2-1 system was broken so J and I had to go to Macy's on State to get a new one. The look on the guys face was great when we walked in and asked for a $999 item. I hope he got commission.

  • We were told to be at the booth at 8am. J got to rest in that day. I got up early put my suit on and got ready for my awesome breakfast. I was in the lobby at 7am then was accosted by coworkers who told me we didn't have TIME for breakfast.

  • Due to not having breakfast and eating lunch standing up..for the 2nd time in my life I got the most wicked constipation EVER along w/ hemrroids. I am Freaking out since I am always the opposite. It HURTS so bad. I now know I am NOT meant to have children. I am such a wusssy.

  • Party/Happy Hour Tuesday night..yeah I left after 1/2 hour cause I didn't feel good.

  • Worked Wednesday..non eventful flight back.

  • Picked up Jack then started laundry..back to work.

  • The girl that works for me is due for a c section next Friday..she has been so sick she went to the hospital yesterday and today she was out..I don't think she is coming back til after her matenity leave is up..this is good for her crazy for me. Daytime blogging WILL get less and less.

Here are two pics..you can tell I was loving my bubble bath w/ my LUSH purple stuff, there was another pic but it was deleted..OMG... and the other is the view out of our window..that's the Hancock Building.


Biddy said...

why should i knock when i still have a key!? sheesh...obviously, you do not live in west texas...where, if you have a key, you can come in whenever...and if you don't, well the door is probably unlocked anyway...

thanks for blogsitting this weekend! oh, and unless you fantasize about dying in an avalanche of crap, DON'T open the spare bedroom door. i'm just sayin...

slouching mom said...

Yep, I am officially jealous of your trip.

Jay said...

All good dots today (well, except for the painful one!)

Linda said...

Sounds like all in all a good trip! I have to go to a place called Thunder Bay Ontario on Thursday and Friday. It's NORTH....VERY NORTH! Have a great week!

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

that bubble bath looks dreamy.

Lulu said...

Does the "purple stuff" look anything like what was left on the rug?

Sounds like a fun trip!

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