I'm pooped! I have TONS of stories...from Penthouses Suites, Plays, Dinners, Work, Heat, KC Royals, Food and Constipation.

I have pictures galore!

I have tons of work to do this morning so I'll post more later. I just wanted to stop in and say that it's good to be back home.

Speaking of Home:
When we got home Jack freaked out..sniffing all over the place. He caught Bindi's scent! He is SO excited about the upcoming nuptuals!! He is getting his groove on in a BIG way. I have to admit that he has grown since we were gone..and now only one ear sticks up. He has also started to sport a 'stash.
There is NO booze in the house...I've been cleaned out!
Someone did all the lundry left over...awesome...
The bathroom was clean..but no TP....

Jack keeps humping the couch..there is a strange scent of roast beef that he can't get enough of.

Thank you Miss Biddy and Mrs Lulu for taking care of the place while I was gone.

I didn't celebrate my 100th on my old blog...thank's Biddy for catching that!

More to come...I promise!


Pumpkin said...

Hey! Welcome back!!!!!

Can't wait to hear your stories and see your pics!!!!!!


Biddy said...

welcome back!!! oh, and whatever you do don't go in the attic...

i'm just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, I missed you! Your guest bloggers were very funny but they weren't you!
Can't wait to hear all about your adventures away!!

Lulu said...

Of course, you know that was me that did the laundry. Thank God you're back.