Puppies, Soccer and Shopping

I have a feeling those 3 things are what will encompass my weekend. I think we'll attempt to go to a parish picninc although I'm not holding my breath. Puppies don't go to picnic's...so I have a feeling we'll stay home.

Drew has 2 soccer games this weekend. Luckily I think we're finished with that 90+ degree shit. Thank God.

I realized this morning I was out of my frozen WW lunches...so I guess that means it's time to go shopping.

Read www.iservethequeens.blogspot.com today if you want a good cry. It made me cry at least. It's about the loss of innocence..what happens when you get caught being the tooth fairy. What upset me the most though was that Jenn looked SO forward to the "event" and her toothfairy actually writes letters. :::sigh:::
Drew questions God, Faith, Evolution...I'm sure that Santa isn't going to last long.

I got a little bummed, I have a book to read...looked good in the store: The Collectors by David Baldacci..it looks good. Conspiracy Novel. I JUST found out that it's book 2...I think I need to read the first one. I guess I better bring home a book to read...in case I have any time.

I'm REALLY sleepy, can you tell. It's one of those days...it's been raining..that's my excuse.

Happy Weekend!

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