this post brought to you by the number 100

this is MP's 100th post! and she's not even here to drink gallons of champagne celebrate with lulu and me.

i finally got that stain out of the couch, though the living room still smells like roast vuh jay jay beef. oh, MP? whatever you do, don't turn the sofa cushions over. i'm just sayin. the stanky purple mystery stain has turned to a really stanky pink stain (i'm thinking the bleach may have been a little too much...)

so, lulu and bindi got here today and i think she thinks i'm gone. really, i've just been hiding in the spare bedroom passed out with all the remnants contents of the liquor cabinet surrounding me. that bindi sure does have a loud bark for a dog no bigger than a fart in a whirlwhind... or maybe that's just the headache talking...

well, dear readers, since this is the 100th post, let us celebrate sesame street style:
100 stones:

more than 100 people spelling? 100:

my dear friend Benji...
i don't see him very often:

100 tanzanian shillings:

100 red roses:

100 carats:

100 pounds:


Special K ~Toni said...

That sucks too miss your 100!

Lulu said...

Wow! Happy 100th blog entry Biddy! I mean, MP...

I'm on #98...2 more to go!

Pumpkin said...

100 entries, that is totally cool, even if MP can't be there personally.
Certainly sounds like a brilliant excuse for a party though!!!!!!

Happy hundredth entry mp!!

ps, Biddy, the vah jay jay thing....holy mother of all things not meant to be touched by hot sauces!
Great posts though x