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This is what I call a relaxing evening. J couldn't resist getting the camera out since this was blog worth...and look at me trying to write on my picture. Getting fancy pants on you!

Missing from this photo is Rocky..who was out killing an animal or something...that's what he does. These two will soon follow me to bed. They really like each other.

J said Patches isn't stupid and knows if she wants to stay my princess she is going to have to get along w/ the dog.

This is the futon furniture which personally I like..it's the dining room minus the table and chairs and actually more like a sub living room. It's lighter and better for reading..the pets and I like it!


Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

oh MP that looks good. I am going to try to get into that position this evening, but likely I will fail.

Have a relaxing sigh for me.

Lulu said...

You are gettin' all fancy-pants! And Jack is growing like a weed!

lisa's chaos said...

You guys look comfy and relaxed. I love our futon too.