Jack's Place

Jack's Place
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Here is the new couch, but you can't really see it very well. There is Jack's little booty sticking up in his bed..and to the side of that is my Paris Hilton carry case so my puppy is always with me ;-)

Patches (the cat) likes Jack's bed. So we got her a cheap one at Target.. So now Jack thinks he has a duplex..I guess the cat will get one of them. Who knows!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your new couch!! I so want a new couch! I've had the parents hand me downs forever! Every time they get a new one, once every 10-15 years I get their old one!
Jack's butt is pretty cute as well!

lulu said...

Nice couch! I love the color. I also love the leather(?) bench in front. Jack is such a cutie!