&$@!^#* Airlines!

so, MP apparently has hidden cameras set up and someone checking in on us, cause she definitely left us this note on the fridge:
"flight cancelled..yeah Delta..I used my charm and got moved to american..we made our connection in altanta..but guess what, our luggage didn't...I just bought $100 pair of shorts..I was desparate for something cute...we went to the grocery store..I haven't slept except for an hour and a half..but hey..I'm in ARUBA>> :-)I may leave a message again..Fridge is empty..you guys want to eat you will have to go shopping. XOX"

stupid airlines! and seriously, Mary Pat? A HUNDRED DOLLARS for a pair of shorts!? I could have overnighted you an entire wardrobe for less than that!


Rimshot said...

At least she made it safe and sound, if not fiscally responsible.

We'll, of course, need pictures of these C-Note shorts.

Melissa said...

What? What do you mean the fridge is empty? Then what did I eat? :oO

Heather said...

I'm surprised she was able to get on American. They cancelled 300 flights due to some electrical wiring issues.

lisa marie said...

Glad she made it but wow, $100 shorts?! Think I'd just wash my clothes in the sink each night and rewear them. :)