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You know: I don't have anything to post about, I will give you randomness.. about me and the news.

American Idol: 4 going home today. I would like it to be Danny, Luke, Kady and Kristy Lee. I don't think that is going to happen though.

I have to go grocery shopping tonight.

I still need to make my hair - nail - cat appointments and I haven't tanned either.

My watch-band matches my sweater today. I fell like 1983..I used to wear a sweater this color to HS..and I used to have matching socks and watches. (it's lavender)

Drew has a birthday party this weekend. I used to know his BF's dad. Small world. Don't worry I won't lead off w/ "Hi Drew's friend's dad, you remember me?"...Drew will go to school with this kid for a LONG time. I'm kind of embarrassed cause I had a crush on him cause he looked like Rick Springfield..and had a girlfriend.

Most of the snow on the roads has melted..thank god.

I am going grocery shopping tonight. I really need to get food that is better for me. I've eaten too much fast food. I think I've gained 10 lbs..I'm scared of the scale. My clothes still fit. I have to try the summer clothes on though.

I am SO tired I could fall asleep at my desk, and I went to bed earlier last night.

Anyone watch Jericho? OMG I finally watched last night. I hope Mimi is going to be OK!

Did you hear about the woman who almost let her kids drown cause she was watching idol?

How about that bomb going off in NYC? On a bike? Terrorist, prank, gang..hmmm.

Did you hear about Patrick Swayze?

I heard on the radio today that Matt Laurer and his wife are getting divorced. One thing was she was petrified that her husband was cheating on her. That can't be a good way to live.

One more thing..senseless crimes, you know the ones when you just can't believe such stupid stuff can happen in real life. Read THIS story.

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Rimshot said...

"I'm kind of embarrassed cause I had a crush on him cause he looked like Rick Springfield"

That made me laugh...and then it made me think about old episodes of General Hospital. (Dr. Noah Drake, anyone?)

Hi! I'm Kim said...

I am so glad they have the suspects in custody. If I was a suspect, I'd turn myself in - they probably figured they'd have a better chance of survival with the cops than with a citizen who recognized them. If I had recognized them, I might have aimed my car at them too. What happened to that man is just sad and absolutely senseless.

Pumpkin said...

Girl, first things first.....the woman who left her 1 yr old in the bath (even with a 3 yr old)made me want to scream.........the man who was killed after he tried to stop the scummy couple who stole the tip jar, my heart goes out to the family.......and Patrick Swayze...the most delicious hip-swiveling guy I've ever fell in love with....he's not allowed to have cancer, I won't allow it!!!
I love your blog lass, it's fun, arty and it keeps me updated.........HOWEVER...s'not fair I can't jet to st Louis for the party.......IT#S JUST NOT FAIR I TELL YOU!!!!!
(bursts into dramatic tears and flings self about, striking melodramatic poses)
You rock as usual!

Melissa said...

The bomb: It happened at almost 4am. Clearly not meant to be harmful to anyone. Still destructive, but there was no burglary no threat to lives. Sounds like some kind of anti-war statement. Doesn't sound like terrorism to me. Maybe someone just lost a loved one. Or, as you said, maybe it's a gang initiation thing.

I get kind of annoyed at the whole "rah rah america" reaction to this since it was an army recruiting center. If the same thing had happened at a bodega, the police would be on it but I doubt our Mayor would have been so vocal about it. -And I like the Mayor.

Let's see.... what else... Yeah, that's all I've gotta say! :)

Connie said...

I checked out your son's pics, you should be proud of those! You did a great job and he's a cutie!

susiej said...

I didn't year about the Mom and the kid in the bathtub... What was she thinking? Didn't that instruction come with that invisible parenting manual?

the mama bird diaries said...

Matt lauer and his wife are getting divorced? I just read the entire US weekly on the plane and not a mention.