My 15 Year Old Self...

Rimshot asked me: If you could go back to visit your 15 year old self, but could only pass on one bit of advice, what would it be?

Well, I think I would sit Little MP down for a little "come to Jesus" talk as my MIL would say. First off at 15 I was in high school...a Sophmore. This was 26 years ago. 1982. Technically since my birthday is in November this could have also been my Freshman Year.
I was a good kid, kinda of. Here are some things I would share with little mp...

Start some good study habits now. Skating by on B's with out doing your homework will not prepare you for college.

Going out with a boy in college is NOT a good idea. Don't do it. Girls that don't drive should be dating boys that do drive.

Do not allow half of the city to get drunk in your parents basement.

You are NOT fat. Just because your best friend is 90 lbs and a size 0 doesn't mean that your size 10 is fat. Watch what you eat. Fast food is your enemy.

Learn to walk in heels. You are short dork...

Exercise. Even though you are a clutz ride your bike. When your dad asks you if you want to go riding at the park go with him...get your head out of the book.

Partying is not the most important thing in the world. These people will never remain your friends, they are not that important. See more movies, read more books. Stay home more.

Treat college with respect. It is a privilage and treat it as so. It's not "camp" with free booze. These people too will not remain your friends, do not invest so much time in them. Study. Ask for help.

Travel EVERY chance that you get. Don't for get to stop, take a deep breath and make a memory. Take more pictures.

Do NOT purchase the first 2 housees that your real estate agent shows you. Get one that doesn't need so much work.

There is 15 years worth of advice.


Dolce said...

That's some good advice. I can relate only too well with having a party in the parents basement.

Jean said...

Been there done that on the partying. Nothing like sneaking in wine coolers through the bedroom window.

Lulu said...

The real estate advice is the best. LOL. I'm laughing alot tonight. LOL. I can't stop.

Rimshot said...

Ironically, I would tell mini-Rimshot to party MORE and enjoy his youth.