(said in my fake German Hogan's Hero's yell)

NINE days until my trip.

Tanning Spa - TWICE

Patches and Rocky appointment for bording - CHECK

Haircut, Color and Eyebrow Wax Appoint - Wednesday eve

.....and that's it.

I need to get my manicure and pedicure.
Need to get both cats in for shots
Make sure mom and dad have all the groceries they need.
J needs to stop the mail.

Need to wash and clean the clothes we are taking and then pack..
Print out information.
Leave emergency numbers with 9834 relatives.
Make sure I set my DRV to record my new shows that start while we're gone. Although I know that we'll watch American Idol while we're there. They get NY stations.

But before all that we have 7 days w/ Drew...which will include movies, Rockband..still have to work...a couple soccer games.

OK..NINE..can you tell I'm getting really excited.


amanda said...

I am staring at your Aruba countdown and drooling from jealousy! I hope you post some pictures from your trip. I hear it's very beautiful.

dawn224 said...

I'm excited FOR you!

the mama bird diaries said...

Are you doing a "spray" tan or a tanning bed?

Emily said...

I am SO very jealous of you. It's in the 30's and raining....the thought of Aruba makes me want to cry!

Dolce said...

I'm really starting to wish I was leaving with you! I can be your housemaid for a week!!!

susiej said...

So jealous!

MP said...

That would be a real tanning bed..just a few days to toughen up the skin before I slather on the major sunscreen..cause I'm talking about the sun at the equator..and I'm WHITE..

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

I am excited for you. I hope you have the most wonderful time. Look forward to the many photos.


Anonymous said...

Nine days.....I'm packing and coming with you...alright, I'll be there in spirit though! I'm so excited for you! It's been a long cold winter and it's nice to know that someone you care about is gonna get a much deserved break! Can't wait to see the pictures and I know there will be some beauties!

Sandy C. said...

So excited for you! Sounds like your preparations are well on their way :)

lisa marie said...

Oh the time is coming up so quick. I bet you are going crazy getting those last minute things done!