SO glad I'm not 25

Today is St Patrick's Day. Used to be this was automatically a day off work...the 18th as well. I would go to the Hybernian Parade and begin drinking by 9am-ish.
Today...Oh yeah, there is a parade. There is also a hail storm going on.
If I were 25 I would be smooshed in a smoky bar..already have broken that seal and drinking my breakfast and lunch..followed my drinking my dinner...followed by at least one bad decision..followed by a wasted day of a hangover.
I would have had a HELL of a good time...most of which I wouldn't remember.
Yes..I'm SO glad I'm not 25 anymore.
My friend Dolce is still wasting a day... and my dear friend it gets harder... but once you cut back or stop you will realize how beautiful it is to wake up on a Saturday or Sunday and not feel like puking..not have cotton mouth..and actually get motivated to go shopping..to the movies..OR just lounge on the bed watching chick flicks..and NOT crave french fries.
What makes you stop..when do you "grow up"??

Some never do. You can be one of those partying parents that has a baby sitter every weekend and deals with it. I see soccer dad's at a Tuesday practice bring a cooler w/ long necks.

You will some day have a child and realize you can't balance a hangover and a kid.

OR...God forbid you do one of those bad choice things and have to stop.

Most people I know are the every once in a blue moon partiers. They tie one on once or twice a year...have a hangover for 3 days, vowing to never do it again...or they learn to not drink to excess...just a couple drinks socially and not have a hangover.
I have actually learned to do that. Go out to dinner and have 2 glasses of wine. Have 1 beer.. I still have my once a year 3 day hangover...but I don't like it...never did...but now if I do I also feel guilty for wasting a day.


Jean said...

A social drink every now and then is all I can handle, and that's maybe once every other month. Then there's the whole staying up late thing..meh I'm old.

Connie said...

MP (btw - it is Joe's Dad)
I did all my drinking before the age of 21, ALWAYS got sick but thought it was because I ALWAYS drank too much. As soon as I turned 21 I discovered I had an alergy to alcohol (in food, medicine, anything). I am 42 now and NEVER drink. It's just not worth being sick in bed for a day. To me, it is a blessing! I think my life would be different if this had not happened!

Dolce said...

I know. I know. I know. However, I am learning.

After being hungover beyond recognition on Saturday, I still chose to go out and only had 2 drinks. TWO!

Then last night, PH wanted to go out to an Irish Pub to celebrate his heritage and I sober drove. 0 drink. ZERO!

Let's see how next weekend pans out.