Jack the Dog

Lotus at Sarcastic Mom asked me to talk about Jack!

Before I go on and on about Jack...you can click here and go shopping for kid stuff, and in return you can help out Lotus finacially. Slum Lord..Mold..NOT pretty.

OK..back to Jack:
You may remember he came to us looking like this:

This was late August..all the little guy did was eat, sleep and snuggle.. TOO cute.
Jack's mom is a bison freise and his dad is a chihuahua. He and his brothers were actually Ooop's..but we don't tell Jack, it may make him feel unwanted. The breed is sometimes known as Chi Chon.

Jack is half assed potty trained and LOVES people food (thanks mom).
He now eats, sleeps, goes potty and PLAYS like a mad man. He LOVES to run and he thinks that the cats are there for his amusement. They like to inform him occasionally w/ a swat that he is mistaken.

Jack sleeps with me every night, he usually starts at my side..makes his ways under the covers and wakes me up by sitting on my pillow biting my hair.

The thing that makes my heart melt is when he jumps up on J's lap and they have a special father/son bonding time.

Jack "knows" things. He loves to ride in the car and is very aware when we go to my parents..he also freaks if we drive past the vets'. Petsmart is also very evil..he doesn't like it since we tried puppy classes..which he was too shy to participate.

hi there

J and Jack

Here Jack


Rimshot said...

Awwww! He's adorable. I'm such a sucker for dogs.

Lulu said...

Half-assed potty trained! LOL! So is Bindi!! LOL!

I'm laughing to keep from crying.

susiej said...

I love Jack.

dawn224 said...

ya know, I had a cat who would hear the car coming down the hill in front of our house and you could see her meowing at us in the window like 'where have you been?!"