Power of the Internet

I'm sad today. You know I have 3 on line lives. My blog friends, my TV Guide Blog friends and my Flickr Friends.

Yesterday I was reading all of the birth stories..a little thing Lotus started. I read a few strangers stories and some other girls that I know. It was so exciting. There were natural births, C Sections..drugs, no drugs... Emergencies.. kids just popping out.. I laughed, cried..and totally enjoyed reading the stories.

In the meantime, one my fickr friends was having her twins. I met her first at fickr cause she had really cute dogs and took awesome pictures.. Then she became pregnant with twins. I followed her journey..then clicked this morning to read the update. Baby Boy (Issac) died. Her daugheter (Elise) is beautiful...but I just can't imagine. I'm SO sad and happy for her at the same time. How do you do that? How do you grieve and be overjoyed at the same time?

One of my TV buddies went through some trauma lately...I am shaking my head thinking about it. She and her husband live in NYC..the live through 9/11..lost many friends. She then gets diagnosed w/ cancer... she, her husband and son battle as a family...then she loses her father..while still in remission her husband of 20 years tells her he's been having an on going affair and is leaving her.. WTF??

I know those are two different stories..but please..internet friends are real people with real shit happening to them. Are you following Crystal's journey after her suicide attempt?

I don't know.. I guess getting off the computer for 10 days and getting some fresh Ocean air will do me good. I promise I won't leave you all depressed...
I'm leaving work early today to get the cat's to the vet.... I washed all J's Tshirts last night.
Drew goes back to mommy's tonight. We'll start packing tonight.
Deep breath..wipe the tears before someone sees me..


Melissa said...

Thank you for Crystal's link. It will take me a while to get caught up.

I am sorry about your other friends.

it's me, Val said...

Ohmygoodness, wow. It's not fair, is it? My cousin lost a twin. I don't know how any mother does that. I don't know how any mother can lose a child period. And the other sad stories . . . awful. That's the thing . . . they are "stories" to us so it's easy to forget they are real people, too. I'll keep these families in my prayers. All so tragic!

Rimshot said...


Grandy said...

Hoping the ends feel better soon.

Sorry about your bloggy friends. I get how their experiences can make you feel with them. I hope it works out alright.

Melinda Zook said...

Oh, those are some sad stories. Yes, internet people are real(although occasionally their stories are not), it sounds like you a are good friend and hopefully they will get through these trouble soon. It is nice that they can get some warmth and support this way. I know it must truly help!