This Just In...

Quick! Need to establish an intervention for MP when she gets back from Aruba!

Grandy got an email from her tonight. I'll have to read it to you like a telegram, in order for it to make sense. Seriously...what's the drink of choice in Aruba? ALL OF THEM??

We got our luggage the next day (STOP!)

We bought a time share (STOP IT!)

We're crazy (DUH!) (STOP!)

I have tons of great pictures (STOP!)

We have done more in three days than we did in a
week last year (Timeshare?) (STOP!)

Biddy...you get the glasses...Melissa's got the snacks covered...Everyone else, meet us in the living room. We have to plan this intervention together!

A time share? This I gotta see!!!!


Biddy said...

so when are we all going to Aruba??

Jean said...

Woot! I've got my bags packed already. Can we do the intervention thing after bloggy trip to Aruba on MP?

MP said...

We are really really stoked about this time share..it wasn't THAT much..