I interrupt rubbing Aruba in your face for another Q&A

Melissa asks:
-Most important quality(s) to you in a friend.
-What will immediately turn you off a friendship or person. (what's the deal breaker?)

  • easy to talk with
  • funny
  • similar interests
  • smart (both book and life)
  • respects my lack of love for the phone

What will turn me off? Hmm. Most importantly a "game player". I had a group of friends and there were some that would play off each other and it was so stupid. You know what I mean. Lucy says "Oh my Gahwd, did you see what Gracie had on? Can you believe how tight that was, someone should tell her" Then Gracie says the next day "Lucy is such a bitch, I can't believe you invited her out last night, all she did was flirt with Jeff". These people...I don't care much about..but I think at the time I did. I played the game.

I also hate stupid people too. I can't be friends with someone that is SO opinionated that they can't see that there are 2 sides. You don't have to believe or agree to be friends just respect that there is more than 1 way to skin a cat. Not that I would EVER suggest skinning a cat. But I think you know what I mean.
I also can't stand to be with a person that bitches and moans about things that are either beyond their control..or that they won't control. You know the one, "Oh my GAWD the political commercials and debates are driving me crazy. Can you believe what XYZ politician did on the news and now they say the gas prices are going up and It's hard to fill the tank and blah blah blah".. It's like... Vote..and suck it up, that is life. Bitching about it doesn't change it. You can have the SAME conversation in a more civilized way without bitching.
Am I being petty? I think Melissa opened a can of worms.

My dad's cousin's wife used to call my mom every day on the phone. She would complain about EVERYTHING to my mother...from the weather, the mailman, the pastor to the kid who cuts her grass. She complained just to hear herself talk I think. Mom would play along..I would get so frustrated. Complaining about the weather does NOTHING... and I'm not talking about "ooo it's cold"...I'm talking about weather patterns and the angle of the rain... Anyway when she died the priest said that he was SURE that she was in heaven, telling God that she didn't care for her space in heaven and he had to move her closer to his house..and that the St Gabriel plays the harp too loud. Well...it wasn't that word for word..but it was close and we all knew that it was true.
You know what, she was my mom's friend...and I'm sure my mom has a separate list of what IS and IS NOT acceptable behaviour to be her friend.

That answer your question Melissa?


Jean said...

Amen sister! I agree with all those qualities including the last. If you call me and call me for no real reason whatsoever except to tell me hold on every few seconds to yell at your kids, call me when you really do actually have something to say and not about how your cousins friend is crazy, but I digress.

lisa marie said...

Yeah, it drags me down when people do nothing but complain and then I find reasons to not be around them. I like your list. :)

Melissa said...

"Am I being petty? I think Melissa opened a can of worms."

Lol! I figured I might.

"You know what, she was my mom's friend...and I'm sure my mom has a separate list of what IS and IS NOT acceptable behaviour to be her friend."

And that's what I find interesting. One person's "unacceptable" is another person's "Yeah, it's annoying but...." And one person's "very important qualities" for relationships, might not be a huge deal to someone else.

Great post :) Thank you!

Melinda Zook said...

Great post and definitely in agreement. I can't stand complainers or people who are just negative all the time. They are like watching the news, all bad stuff!

Anyway, I have an award for you because all I can say is, you rawk!