MP Movie Reviews

Well this weekend I was able to watch 3..count them three..tre movies.

I watched Crossing Delancy. How did I get out of the 80's without ever seeing that? It was good! I have issues w/ Amy Irving..but I liked the movie. It goes to show how tough the "women's lib" thing was. Now women don't care anymore...they actually want to get married. I think the difference is that men have changed...at least their perception of what women do.

I watched Eragon. WOW. I totally loved that. The kids all went and say it at the movie theater, I missed it. I LOVE dragons and elves and fantasy. Is it bad that I thought Ed Speelers the kid who played Eragon was hot? Well he was. He reminded me of that McNaughten kid that I had a HUGE crush on, you know the older brother in ET.

Then yesterday J and I went to see Bourne Ultimatum. Yes, it was still in the theater near me. WOW that was fun. It may have been better at home though. I had to go potty...and I know I missed something. Pause would have been good.

Time to work...today is going to be nutty...we're getting portraits taken..I had to wear a suit and bring my make up. Fun.
Oh...I made the newspaper yesterday, the black and white printed one...it was just a little quote and snarky. They asked on the online version what you were going to do when the shut the highway down....back up...on January 2nd they are closing the main East West Highway for 2 years. People are going to have to take alternative ways around town. I said "I know how to get from SW City to Dorsett Road using side streets, if you don't know how to do that I'm not going to tell you"...that not be word for word but you get the gist. So am I published now?


Lumpyheadsmom said...

I saw X Men 2 on opening weekend, and had to pee halfway through. We were stuck in the middle of the row in a crowded theater, so to leave meant disturbing at least 12 people (plus everyone behind them). So I waited until the end. In case you haven't seen it, X Men 2 ends with a dam breaking. Before it breaks, there are all these shots of spraying water. I nearly cried.

Lulu said...

Dang it...I'm going to have to watch the Bourne Identity again before I can watch the next one. It's been so long...

Oh, and congrats on you being published. Snarky or not, I would say that you are published, girl!