That is how I feel. I was a little excited that I realized this morning that it was Friday..other than that bleh...

I had a super wierd dream, it had to do with Lily Walsh (character on my soap), baked potatos (which I ended up packing for lunch) and I don't know what else...then the dog was on my face and the alarm was going off..and boom it was Friday.

Next week I'll do some kind of Thanksgiving what I am thankful post. For now I'd like to bitch...cause it's my blog and I can.

I hate my job right now. Too many A personalities, nothing is getting good cause as I've said out loud to whoever will listen "it takes a fricking villiage to get ANYTHING done around here"...I hate that.

I am NOT drinking enough water. I feel chained to my desk at times and just don't fill my water glass.

I haven't gone to WW meeting for months and I can tell I have gained some weight back and I'm not happy about that. I'm still fitting in the smaller sized clothes. I need to fix this right away.

I haven't been reading much lately and it's cause the light is screwed up in the bedroom. Last night we got a new light at Target and I still don't like it.

I don't want to deal with the Thanksgiving crap. J wanted to do my family this turkey day which is fine now his mom is making me feel guilty we're not going there then I find out that logistically we CAN go there..and we should since it is the first year without her husband but why didn't we just go there in the first place. Now I don't want to go to my family...how did this happen...I screwed this all up..now I am committed from noon to 10pm...shit...

The last couple years I have gotten into college football thanks to J...I really enjoy it. J woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me #2 Oregon lost last night in an upset which technically moves Mizzou into #4 place behind the dreaded Kansas..SO I'm psyched cause we can watch the game this weekend cause Drew isn't over..it will be chilly outside...warm inside..curl up w/ the cats and dogs and some college football..I can make some chili..STOP...fricken check the schedule. Game is on at 11:30 in the morning. I have a birthday party to go to...that I WANT to go to. Who the hell plays a football game at 11:30 in the morning, especially when you are a team heading to a bowl game...then I stop and think, they played at 11:30 last week when we were there too. Then I realize it's cause the world revolves around the flipping East Coast Time Zone..Who the hell cares???? No offence LuLu...

My dvr in the bedroom still doesen't work. Why, because I don't feel like calling Dish and staying on the phone with India for a hour while we trouble shoot..then they end up sending me a new unit that I have to pay for.

OK..I'm all better now..just have to shake the funk a bit..NEXT week will be the thankful list.. it will include coffee :-)


Rimshot said...

Shake the funk! Wasn't that a dance in the 70's?

Emily said...

Hey, we all gotta vent sometimes. Hope the weekend cheers you up!

MP said...

Rimshot...I think it was..now I can be mopy, depressed, pissed and grove..all at the same time! Sweet!

AnnieM said...

The Holidays are so freaking stressful! I wish I could just be a hermit and stay home.

slouching mom said...

I am thankful for coffee as well. And we have these issues -- his family, or mine -- every holiday. It is so tiring. And truthfully? We'd rather just stay home and do it ourselves.

Pumpkin said...

We don't have Thanksgiving in Scotland, but obviously we have Christmas and New Year which is the same kind of nightmare....spending 2 weeks flitting between both sets of inlaws, 'cept we're in a different fricking country now and it costs almost double what it used to....aaaaarrrggghhh.

This year husband, Gozar and I are heading off to Austria for some chill out and skiing...or is that 'falling-on-our-asses'.....and the inlaws have had to cope with it.

Happy sighs.

I hope you feel better soon though hunny! Hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

ps I've always been tempted to spike the inlaws punch just to mellow the mood a bit.......just a suggestion.

Lulu said...

Hey MP! Look! It's me! I'm back! I'm sure that you're thrilled.

No offense taken on the EST thing. I hate it anyway.

Okay - so it's going to take me a while to get caught up with you since you are doing the NAPLOBLO-whatever thingie. But I'm here to harass you again...never fear.

MP said...

I KNEW you would be back Lulu...glad to have you..I missed you!