Uuuggggg. I hate that the writers are on strike. It doesn't bother me that the late night shows went to reruns...cause I really don't watch them much anyway. It's just that I don't want my shows all interrupted. I remember last time this happened you had your reruns then boom new..and what was new and what was a rerun.

Of course they have shows already written so we are OK for a little while. I don't know all of the details and I don't really care. Just get it overwith...soon.

Speaking of TV, The Amazing Race started on Sunday. J and I were like little kids. We love the new teams. I'm routing hard for Grandpa and Grandson but I doubt the make it far, my other favorite was the Dad/Daughter team from Washington. "Who's your daddy?"...we were cracking up.

Tonight is my TV night: NCIS and The Unit. I also have to run and pick up my glasses...got lenses in my other pair.

I have to get my drivers license renewed this week. I remember getting it 7 years ago thinking, "OMG I'll be almost 41 when I have to get this renewed, SO OLD"...yeah..what a putz I was.

Umm..did you go over and see miss Slade and read her HYSTERICAL Sea World story? If not I command you to go to the previous post and click on the link and then leave her some lovin.


Lulu said...

I am THE. BIGGEST. AMAZING RACE. FAN. EVER! Well, besides you, obviously. Yay...someone to discuss it with!

At first I thought that they all seemed like a bunch of crazies from California, but I started liking a few of the couples halfway through. I like the father/daughter team and the team that came in first (don't know their names yet). The goth team from New Orleans are a bit strange. Um, they're married?

MP said...

LuLu...my dear..you are mistaken!!
The GOTH couple who are "dating" are from Kentucky. The smart brother sister team are from New Orleans...shheeeshhh...get it right girl! :-)
The goth team is funny in their own rite, they seem handicapped in a sense.

Lulu said...

Oh, well, darn it, excuse me! See, I always get these people confused until it gets down to like two couples...

dawn224 said...

yet again, I just have to read the blogs to find out what's up in the world - I'd wondered if the writers went on strike...