Tuesday Top Ten

I stole this idea.

Tuesday Top Ten things that I have been thinking about blogging but am either too lazy, too busy or not creative enough to put into words.

  1. It's 2007, almost 2008 and I work in an "old boys club" and the stupid thing is some of these "boys" are younger than me. It pisses me off.
  2. I have been procrastinating more than usual..and it's going to screw me up.
  3. I'm turing 41 on Saturday. For the most part I'm going to start punching a new button when doing suveys. That 41-50 button. How the hell did that happen?
  4. The writers strike MAY allow for a February premier of an all new Big Brother!!
  5. Back to procrastinating, I don't know what we're doing for Thanksgiving.
  6. My mother is driving me crazy since all she is doing is complaining and won't DO anything to help herself or allow people to help her, she just wants to complain.
  7. Puppy really needs more attention. I should be trying to walk him more but when I come home from work I just don't make extra time for him.
  8. The Aruba clock is ticking. I need to start looking at airlines, OH and winning the lottery.
  9. I haven't gone to a Weight Watchers Meeting or gotten on the scale in a month. My smaller clothes still fit. I think that Weight Watchers and Catholisim are realted. They are both REALLY good about making people feel guilty.
  10. I like November OK..but I am NOT a fan of the Christmas holiday crap.


Emily said...

Yea! I'm so flattered when people use my ideas! Woohoo.....and I totally need to walk my puppy too!

Anonymous said...

Very neat idea...but it's too late it's not Tuesday anymore...maybe next week! So about the writers strike, they better be back on track for BB! Sounds like the things that WW teaches are sticking with you if the clothes are still fitting! That's fabulous! Didn't you hear....41 is the new 21! it's all good!!
See for us Canadians...November is just cold! We LOVE Christmas!

MP said...

Oh Crap..I did the Tuesday Top Ten on Wednesday...