MP Monday Review

We say Fred Clause. OMG it is hysterical. Personally for a holiday movie I liked it better than Tim Allen's The Santa Clause. Here are the things I liked about the movie:

* Vince Vaughn
* Big Name Actors
* Adult humor without being dirty or offensive
* The spirit of Christmas without being too sappy
* Fresh ideas..you had an idea how it was going to end but you were still anxious to follow it to the end.
* Surprises..there was one scene in particular that had me in a giggle fit.
* Worth your time...We left with smiles on our faces
* Realistic...for a Santa Clause movie

I would suggest Kindergarten and up. There is a plot to the movie, any younger than that they may bet bored.
Date movie..why not. I would have enjoyed it just as much if there wasn't a child sitting next to me.


Lulu said...

I LOVE Vince Vaghn! I am definitely going to have to find the time to see this movie!

The last Christmas movie that I saw that I cracks me up just thinking about it is ELF.

Emily said...

Thanks for the movie tip! I love Vince Vaughn too. Not only is he funny, but hot too!