Today is November 30th. I have posted every day in the month of November..Who said I can't finish what I start! Oh ... I did.. Well. I proved myself wrong.

Now hopefully I win something.

I am SO ready to go home. I was up at the crackass of dawn today. The red car has a busted belt or something, it's making an aweful noise.. SO I had my friend drive me to work..she is one of those hourly people that is pulling holiday overtime. I was up at 5am this morning...I was out the door by 6am and sitting here working by 7am. It's now 7:45..I'm caught up so I figured I'd get my "day 30" blog out of the way early.

I have no clue what we're doing tonight, I hope it involves watching Shrek 3rd. We ended up watching Meet the Robinsons last time Drew was over and never got to Shrek. Then on Saturday we're going to my MIL to help her put up Christmas decorations then watch the Mizzou Oklahoma game. It is supposed to maybe ice/rain/sleet or something on Saturday into Sunday. I'm crossing my fingers it's just nothing..or rain. If it were snow that would be a different story. I'm going to bring the camera along on Saturday. I want to get some shots of Drew and make Christmas cards. I'm also going to make my FIL a necktie for Chrismas...that Zazzle store thingy on the side. You don't have to buy my pictures. You can use your pictures and create cool gifts. How about getting a T shirt for Grandpa w/ pictures of the kiddos.. or a coffee mug for Grandma w/ her favorite grandpuppy... I think they have some fabulous ideas, I'm totally sold. Yesteday we created a necktie for the big boss w/ our company picture on it.

I have been wanting to go shopping..my BRAIN wants to shop..my heart isn't in it. I have a family discount from Macy's and JJill...I think they both expire on Sunday. I have to get an outfit for the Christmas Party..we do that country club thing every year.. and I also need some new warm pants for work. A black pair. My heart isn't in it though.


Biddy said...

i wasn't overly impressed with shrek 3. in fact, i fell asleep watching it. oh well, they can't all be as awesome as 1 and 2 i suppose!

have a good weekend!

Lulu said...

Did you see the Shrek the Halls Christmas special on television the other night? Very cute indeed!

I love JJill! Just last night, I bought a pair of pants there. I can't afford the regular priced stuff, but their clearance rack is awesome!

I also have to find an outfit for my company's Christmas Party. It's next Saturday night, and honestly, I'm really not looking forward to it.