He's Flunking!!

No, not Drew...I'm talking about Jack. He's going to flunk puppy training. We go there and he sits under the chair and shakes. Last night he did manage to walk a little on his leach. The little puppies scare him. He met the groomer who was walking around the floor of the store and you would have sworn that he saw a ghost or a crazy dog killer. He was SO scared. Then he goes up to this guy that looks like a gangster and he's lickin on his leg. I just don't understand.

It was classic though, the teacher leans in to me real quite like and says, "I think your baby might have to repeat this class, we'll do it free of charge".

I felt like such a failure. I wanted him to sit for her, I felt like I had to prove something to these other people in my class...I kept saying "well at home he'll do it".. Agghhh, how embarrasing.

We got home though last night and J fixed dinner; chicken and rice thing that was quite yummy..it was 8:30 and I wanted to watch Criminal Minds which was recording. Jack didn't want to sit up in the bed with me so I put him on the floor. Next thing I hear J yelling " BAD DOG...BAD DOG...LOOK WHAT YOU DID..." Jack reached WAY up and pulled J's bowl of chicken and rice off of the couch and onto the floor. Yesterday he did it w/ J's poptart (new Gingerbread kind)... I tried really hard but I had to chuckle a little bit.. I mean that CUTE little face pulling food down..he can barely reach the flipping couch. He has to use his stairs to get up to the red couch.

Oh well...at least my step son is and A student and makes us very proud.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how all our children can be so different yet amazing in their own little ways! One child that gets all A's and prefers his food with a fork and another that is less than a A student and prefers his food anyway he can get it! LOL!
Good chuckle this morning MP!

Anonymous said...

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