Happy All Saints Day!!

It's November, can you believe that? It feels like November today. Chilly Willy when I got up.

From what I understand we had more kids yesterday trick or treating than we've had in 10 years. It helps that the people down the street do a haunted house. Why do I say "from what I understand"...well cause I was at Petsmart with Jack for puppy training. Oy Vay.
Jack is scared silly. I do NOT understand it at all. I think I need to use the leash and collar more, I think that is freaking him out. Due to it being Halloween and all our class was small and rather uneventful. We had a sub teacher w/ a witch hat. Jack was scared of her, I was a little too.
Jack walked on his leash but he wouldn't do any of the "drop it", "leave it" stuff. He was not the least bit interested in his treats. We decided to switch out and get a regular collar instead of the harness thing. Maybe that wouldn't freak him out as much. Then he was scared to death of the other puppies...little dogs.. after class the witch teacher and I were looking at collars and this white pit bull comes strolling down the aisle..and Jack's all, "Ooooo I want her to be my girlfriend"...and they are all sniffing and stuff. WTF, the teacher freaked. Sweet little puppies..NO...big ole Pit Bull..Oh Yeah. I guess Jack is going to be one of those guys that lives on the edge.

Yesterday was also dad's birthday. I had to remind him how old he was. He's funny.

Today we're having a bachelor party at work. How gay is that? Justin is getting married, he invited his boss..that's it. So we're having a lunch for him. How dumb. I'm sure he would have rather that the boys plan a happy hour.. Oh well free lunch.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a racist, is anyone surprised? They cancelled his show and he went running to Al Sharpton w/ his tail between his legs. I don't like Al Sharpton.

Those TV writers better not go on strike. That will totally screw up my world.

Jeremy wants to go see a band on Saturday. We'll see. It is the time change weekend and all. While I was puppy training he was giving out candy and hanging w/the neighbors. He found out our neighbors boyfriend is in a band. It would be fun. I'm going to a pajama party Friday. If you hear pajama party don't you think "sleep over". I think stay up late, drink alot, play board games then fall asleep on the couch or floor. Well it's not a sleep over. So now there is no drinking and I'll have to leave early so I'm not too tired to drive home...I'm in uncharted territory since it's out in god's country at my sister-in-laws. Makes me kinda not want to go. I hate driving at night by myself. I have to go though or my in laws would kill me. I can't wear my pajamas if I'm driving...I don't have any sweats that fit me...the only ones that do are capri's. I'm awfully whiny.

OK...back to work. Check out my flickr pics..I made a poster and a magazine cover...oh and one of those motivational pictures. I'm talented!!


dawn224 said...

Dog, not a classy upstanding figure? Really?

Lulu said...

Um, what's this sh*t about Jack sniffing some other girl's heinie? Bindi is not happy. But Bindi can walk on a harness and leash. So there. Tell Jack that one!

A pajama party? Oooh, how fun! I might have to organize one of those myself. With Coronas, of course.