Meet The Nerdy Meme

LULU did a really cute meme today and I'm going to steal it...cause I like memes!!

The creative Ms LuLu did her homage to her nerdiness which is all encompassed with her unhealthy love of Anderson Cooper..gay or straight.
I have to admit Miss LuLu..Anderson got it going on..if I were a gay man I'd be all over that..and as a side note I would make a great gay man..I love men and I love show tunes!

But on to the meme. 7 random or weird facts about myself; like LuLu I'd like to talk about my geeky, nerdness.

1. I follow the rules. Traffic laws, signs posted on the wall...I even follow a suggestion. I DO what I'm told. I follow whatever an authority figure tells me to do...I don't usually question if this person really IS an authority figure. I am the FIRST person on the plane with me seat belt fastened, seat up and tray table in the upright position... THE FIRST. I will not unsnap my lap belt after we've landed UNTIL the bell dings and the lights go on. You get the idea?

2. I like nerds. I secretly had a crush on Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter.. and a crush on Mr Kotter too.

3. I think proper girls/women should not go around in belly shirts, tanks w/ no bras or daisy dukes w/ your ass hanging out the back. I have ALWAYS felt this way. Even in the late 1970's, early 80's I never wore my tube top by itself. I always wore my zippered terry cloth top over it. (darling really, it was white and had rainbow trim)

4. I love history and reading. I think these are very nerdy things but I'm very proud of them..I LOVED that I could tell Drew that the Bloody Mary drink was not named after a bloody Blessed Mother yet it was named after Mary Queen of Scots because she wanted to kill all the "non Catholics".. There was lots of blood and dead people and beheadings..there must have been vodka too??

5. I will dress like a nerd and not care about it. My shoes are often "granny"..I have black Mary Jane's that I LOVE.. I don't wear heals and like turtlenecks, sweaters, tshirts and jeans. I very rarely wear dresses. I also don't like socks and my feet smell.

6. Celebrity Gossip.. Yeah, I like it...and that is kind of gay/nerdy of a thing to like. I KNOW Britney got new hair extensions today and that Xtina posed new for Marie Claire. I know that Mel B didn't win Dancing w/ the Stars and I don't even watch that show. You want OLD celebrity gossip? Did you know that Bing Cosby used to abuse his children. Seems that back in the day he was a bit of a nasty mean drunk and he BEAT those kids. At least that is what the older boys from the first marriage said. They would briefly show up on the Christmas Shows w/ matching plaid pants. His darling daughter Mary from marriage #2 said Daddy was a saint. At least that is how I remember it.

7. I love the underdog. Unless my "team" is playing I'm always routing for the underdog.. When it comes to fiction or real life I want the least good looking, dorky one to win..and get the girl..

For Me:

Ponch and Jon.. Jon
The Beatles... George
Hardy Boys.. Parker Stevenson
Charlies Angels.. Sabrina
CBS Hour Drama shows
Love Boat.. Gopher
Only automatic drive cars
NO body piercing or tattoos


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you make me laugh!!!
I follow the rules too-hubby finds it annoying
I agree with you on #3 and I think I had that same terry cloth top!
I also love history and reading but I have no memory...so I couldn't ramble off any of that stuff.
I don't like socks either and stinky feet are also common.
I don't retain celebrity gossip either cause I don't remember who anybody is! but I do love to read it I buy 2 magazines a week...usually star weekly and People.
See we really are kind of alike...maybe even more than you'd care to admit!

Lulu said...

Oh thank you for link love!! And thank you for not dissin' my love of Anderson...

Yeah, you're pretty nerdy yourself! Ha ha! I'm with you on the mary jane's...love them!!