Duran Dur frickin An

In high school my BFF D and I were FREAKS over Duran Duran..her Simon, me John.

This was MY favorite..and still is my favorite Duran Duran Song.
Did you here Justin Timberlake is teaching them moves?? WTF??

Reason being: They are coming out w/ a NEW album. Yep, I already bought the single on iTunes, it rocks... Yeah I'm sounding my age....going away...guess I should work..Love John Talyor still...he's still hot at his age..OK bye...


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

For a long time I would have claimed that something off of "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" was my favorite, but looking back I might actually have to go with "Girls on Film".

It was a single for a reason.

Jay said...

I still think Duran Duran is pretty fab too :)