Message from the Virgin Mary

I am NOT making this up, I couldn't if I had tried. There are somethings, like a dream that you have to write down right away because you are afraid you will forget. SO this is what happened...
We decided to get mom and dad fried chicken tonight, well Chicken fried steak for mom cause she doesn't eat chicken.
We went to Pat's Bar and Grill for take out..they are the BEST in St Louis. Honest.
I called in the order and went to pick everything up. This place has an ancient Budweiser neon sign on the outside, it's on a corner, much like any other neighborhood taverns. I walked in and went straight to the end of the bar. In front of me were a vase of roses, I had to lean to the right a little to talk to the bartender who was working on the cash register. There was a man sitting at the stool to my right. Olderman, much younger though than his looks. Alcohol I would believe has aged him. Let's say that he's around 60 years old. Not bad looking, a Patrick Stewart type look with a little more hair. He has a fresh pint of beer in front of him.
I lean to the right and tell the bartender "Carry out for Mary". (Mary is easier). He says, "Yep, coming right up".
The man on the stool says to me: How's the weather out there ?
Me: Getting a little chilly.
Man: Well it's November.
Me: Yeah, you are right about that.
Man: Shouldn't it be cold in November.
Me: Well, you have to look at the jet streams, some days like Saturday you get highs near 70, other days in November it snows.
blank stare...
Me: It snowed November 10th 1987.
Man: What are you some type of meteorologist?
Me laughing: Yeah, well not really but I'm a freak about the weather.
Man: Do you believe in the Holy Spirit.
Me taken aback..talk about a change of subject: Yes I do.
Man smirks
Man: You know I know all three of them.
Me: You personally know the trinity?
Man: Well especially God the Father.
Me: Oh, I guess years of prayer will get you that type of relationship.
Man: No, it doesn't matter how much you pray. You either know him or you don't.
Man: You know the Virgin Mary?
Me: Not personally. I know someone that did have a vision of her.
Man: Who was that?
Me: Sr Rosaria, my kindergarten teacher had a vision when she was in Lourdes.
Man: I know the Virgin Mary personally too.
Me: I don't know that I know her personally, I talk to her but she doesn't talk back.
Man: Your talking to me aren't you?
Man: She knows you.
Man: She said she's very proud of you.

During this I'm signing my credit card bill, giving a 20% tip on a carryout for some reason. I told the man to have a good night and I left and just burst in to tears when I got in the car.
Now you may be Jewish, Muslim, Nothing...you may believe or not believe. But that is similar to a ghost story or other strange phenomenon..don't you think. I know it freaked me out. I left wondering if he was really sitting there?


Anonymous said...

interesting conversation to be having with a complete stranger in a tavern!
God really does work in mysterious ways! LOL!

Junebug said...

My mom and step-dad were coming back from a trip on the turnpike from Missouri. It was very busy traffic and my step-dad had the beginning of Parkinson's and my mom did not ever drive anywhere out of the small town she lives in. It was raining cats and dogs and there were so many huge trucks on the road slinging muddy rain onto their windshield. They ran out of washer fluid and he took an exit to try to find a place to get some fluid and the wipers stopped working. He ran off the road into some mud and got stuck. All of a sudden, a highway patrolman appeared out of nowhere and helped them. He fixed their wipers and pulled them out of the mud. They got back on the road and later got stuck again and the same highway patrolman helped them. My mom drove the car from there on which is a miracle in itself. This is a longer story and more to it, but they believe that that highway patrolman was an angel.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...


Slade said...

I wonder how many people he says that to everyday.

Lulu said...

That's kind of odd and scary. I would have been freaked out as well...