this is wierd

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm at my computer at home. Bizzaro.
Last night went fine, bunch of women sitting around drinking cocktails standing around an island in the kitchen full of food...then we went into the living room and gabbed more...then I went home. They were going to watch Pride and Prejudice but I new if I stayed any longer I would want to become one with the couch.

Today I've made a Dairy Queen and Target run. Then we brought Drew to his aunt's house downtown. She just moved into the loft district. It was beautiful downtown. I wish I would have thought to take some pictures. There were people all around w/ dogs and kids. Mostly younger but there was a mix. We're just about 8 minutes from downtown.

This afternoon we're going to watch Mizzou/Colorado...I think we're going to skip the band tonight.

I better go do something useful. Thanks for allowing me to bore you in order to do this once a day thing. :-)

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Lulu said...

Oh, crap! I forgot that you were doing the NaPlaBloMaBlahBlahBlah-whatever thing!

Forgive me if I'm a couple of days behind...