Fricking Technology

SO I decided at the spur of the moment I'd do this Naplam thing..you know the nablopomo...which basically equals..blog every day for the month of November...and that way you might win a prize. How do I blog when I'm in Columbia next weekend???

Then there is the nablopom website thingy...which I can't get linked to...cause I can't figure it out. Anyway..I did my blogroll thing. I guess that is all I do.

I actually blogged over there...Do I do both? I'm so confused.

Well I'm doing the pajama party where I have to come home. No booze for me :-(. I hate being around a bunch of drunk idiots when I can't be one too. They don't have far to drive, I'll have like 30 miles. Nothing to risk anymore.

We're selling these new digital cameras at work, I'm going to try mine out tonight so I'll have pictures!!


dawn224 said...

*cough* when you go to post click the advanced options you can change the date of when it posts *cough*

Lulu said...

You know that I think that you are chatty, right? Well, I can't see that you'll have any kind of problem with the NAPLOPOMBLAHBLAHBLAH thing! :-)

You know I'll be here...