fall colors

fall colors
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this is some of the fall colors still lingering around this weekend..gotta love it. Ice storm and drought..we still have an awesome fall!!


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I love pictures of the fall foliage!

You got everything almost right... you need to put your current week's link into my current week's post (that way people see it and visit you).

I'll do it for you this time... just remember next Sunday!

Thanks for playing! :-D

Secret Agent Mama said...

Fall colors are the best!! You captured that perfectly. :D

Jientje said...

Nice colours!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I know it seems a little odd, but there is actually some method to the madness. I wanted to make sure that if someone clicked the button, they'd get an explanation of what Weekly Winners actually is, so they could understand and maybe join (all the rules are there).

But within that post, there's also a link to click that will load up every single Weekly Winners post I've ever published (including any that other people have signed off on.)

If you don't sign the current week's post, my current traffic will not notice your link! So it's just best for you to get exposure by signing the current week, and the button functions to explain the Meme to people so they know what it's all about.

Sorry to leave such a long message!

(feel free to delete either of these messages if you don't want them to stay up)

I hope you'll play again next week.

Carrie said...

Very pretty picture, I love all of the colors that made it in to your picture - nice job!

~Sheryl said...

I sure am going to miss all the beautiful tree pictures when the leaves finally fall.

Nice picture.

Lulu said...

We've had an awesome fall as well! Luckily, we are getting some rain today!