You spin me right round baby right round

Oh the things I read that just have my brain spinning in OT.

Ricky Martin has a star on the Walk of Fame. Ricky Martin...hips gyrating, Menudo guy. Who are they going to give one too next? Vanilla Ice? Well I guess that's not fair...

Dick Cheney and Obama are 8th cousins. THAT is cool. What are the chances that 2 distant relatives that didn't know each other would BOTH be in high profile politics. That is cool.

Baby Jessica from the well...remember her, if you don't that means you are 12.. WOW I'm mean today... any way she is getting something like a million bucks that have been in a trust since the whole dreaded well incident. Baby Jessica is a mom now. Yea that makes me feel really old.

We're supposed to get storms, tornadoes and hail today. Here is me...without a window to watch it.

There was a sandstorm in CA that actually killed someone. Isn't that freaky.

I just got a reminder call...like I could forget...tonight is Jack's puppy school. Does this mean that he will quit tugging on the bottom of my pants? Will he quit biting my hands? Will he automatically walk on a leash? After $100 or so I hope the answer to all of the above is YES!

George Lucas is creating a TV show based on the Star Wars minor characters. I think that is TOTALLY AWESOME. Can you imagine? I wonder when it will take place. I'm hoping it will be during the Clone Wars. They can either do this really right or totally screw it up. I hope it is on the Sci Fi channel..I don't want one of the major networks getting ahold of this. I'll have to look into it. From what I understand David Eckstein's wife is in it...I can't remember her name and don't feel like looking it up.

I REALLY need to get some new pictures of Jack, I can't believe I am such a bad mommy.

Today is my mom and dad's anniversary.. 54 years?? I guess I'll have to ask. Don't you agree that an Anniversary..other than 25 or 50 should be something shared between a husband and a wife?? I don't feel that their anniversary is something I should celebrate, do you agree or am I a selfish bitch?

I've been cleaning house. NO not that type. I've deleted some of my favorites in my browser and a while back took off some people on my reading list. I mean..if you aren't Pioneer Woman, Dad Gone Mad or Dooce (all though I have received a couple emails from Danny Evans)..then you can give a girl a courtesy comment every once and again...especially if that person is commenting on almost all of your posts. Don't you agree? There are some that I just REALLY enjoy reading so much I don't care if I get comments, aka Bossy. Am I the only one that feels that way. I do need to add to my side reading bar, not today though.

SO...we have a NEW KILLER.. Not AIDES anymore, this is associated w/ Staf Infections. There are all kinds of medical words and abbreviations..all I know is that you can carry it in your mucous and skin and it has been found in hospitals, schools and old folks homes..great. That's all we need. I always did think that we used antibiotics for WAY to much stuff.
Remember when Aides was a diet candy. There were brown and kinda looked like a heart worm pill. My mom used to take those. I remember when the disease was first named in the 80's I thought "ooo there is a marketing nightmare for the diet pills"... wonder if they renamed them or just went out of business. Hmmm

OK..back to work! Have a happy humpday!


Lucky Gem said...

Not too terribly long ago, "baby" Jessica was on the Today Show. I totally remember. I was about 8 and I remember my mom and I talking about it in the car.

Biddy said...

is it weird that i remember the whole baby jessica thing and i was all of 3? wouldn't you hate to be known the rest of your life as "baby jessica"?

as you know, i too am a comment whore. it's half the fun of blogging!

i usually call my parents and tell them happy anniversary, but we kids don't usually share in the celebration. this year was their 20th (yes, i'm 23...i was the ring bearer) and we didn't have any kind of celebration, but they did go to cozumel...you're not a bitch...i wouldn't want to go either...

as for puppy school, i hope jack does better than chablis...she failed. twice.

Lulu said...

Girl, your a blabber mouth today!! :-)

Oh, where do I start?

Ricky Martin is hot. He can do anything. I don't care.

Dick & Obama 8th cousins? Vaguely interesting.

Baby Jessica - I stayed glued to the television the entire time. I can't believe that she's 21 now AND that she's getting the 1M! Good for her.

Tornados? One of the greatest fears in my life. Hide in the basement, MP! Hide in the basement!

Sandstorm that killed someone? Haven't heard that yet...

Jackie-poo is going to school to get all educated? Good for Jackie. Bindi will be proud. She has to go soon to because she is turning into a BRAT.

George Lucas - Lulu is not into SciFi.

I must take new pictures of Bindi, too!

Happy Anniversary, mom & dad! Selfish bitch? I don't think so. I don't even celebrate my own anniversary!

I must keep away from all infections. The allergies are bad enough. No going to the hospital for me.

So, is that enough comment for ya? I hope so, because I would be totally sad if you took me off your list!! And I agree, Ree and Bossy are the bomb!!

dawn224 said...

I just thought of baby Jessica last night... and the first time I heard of AIDS it was a news report commenting that it was name of a diet candy... that my grandma took.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

Interesting and random...love it.
Thanks for the read.

Anonymous said...

not selfish at all! That could never be! I don't celebrate my parents anniversaries either and I think that pisses them off but I don't care cause I am a bitch!
I love getting comments too! Have a great day!!