Widelawns Challange

I read Widelawns every day. The blog is one of the best I know of..although I think all the blogs I read are the best.

Here is the challage. Raise $20,000 for Teachers. Who the hell doesn't like teachers. You go to this website and pledge a buck. They already tell you EXACTLY where the money is going to go.

Give a buck...$1...who doesn't have a flipping dollar for teachers, come on.

You can read more about exactly what is going on at Wide Lawns. Do yourself a favor and read the archives, they are hysterical!!.

PS...check me out...I've used my Biddy Skills!!


Biddy said...

i'm so proud!! and as soon as i have a buck to my name, i'll totally go donate it!

Subservient No More said...

Thank you so so much! For linking to my challenge, for saying nice things about me and for encouraging others to donate. I really appreciate it so much!