Fantabulous Friday

Happy Friday All. I don't have TONS of news...let's just recap what is going on!

Today is Mom's birthday. I called her earlier, she was still asleep. It was 11am..yeah, now you know where I get that. (weekends only). Mom is 82 today. She isn't really thrilled w/ being in her 80's. She is a worry wart. I try to tell her that she can't CHANGE things by worrying about them..she worry's so well though. She'll never learn/change.

I took dad to the doctor yesterday. Bottom line. He's in GREAT shape but he's OLD. He can't hear, ends up he has 1874 pounds of shit in his ear. Doctor couldn't get it out, he has to go to the ENT doctor. Dad wants to leave it in so he can block out my mother. Nice idea, wonder if I can borrow some of that shit.

Jack went to the doc yesterday too...he has ALL his shots. He was very good. The doctor and nurses thought he was the cutest puppy EVAH!

Oooo lunch is here..chicken soup and 1/2 sandwhich. Gotta run, I'll come back later and finish...

15 min late: DAMN that was good eats. The girls went to Breadco..aka St Louis Bread Company aka Panera Bread. I got 1/2 low fat chicken noodle soup and 1/2 chicken salad sandwich on whole grain...hold the red onions, thank you. Much better than the Weight Watchers frozen dinner that is in the freezer. I KNOW..did I need it? No. But damn it was good and I don't regret it. So there!

Tonight is the big birthday celebration. We're going to my MIL's. I'm making the pasta..we're having salad and Red Velvet Cake (J's favorite)..his bday is Monday. (40)

If you want to read today have a look at the side list that I have.
Pioneer Woman has a recipe for Eggs Benedict. I LOVE Egg's Benedict.
Widelawns: Hysterical, she goes on a rant about this author and her book...then talked about her own memoirs that she SHOULD write.
Biddy: Biddy is home from the hospital...again...and she woke up at home to a, no never mind, if you want to know read it yourself.
Lulu: Lulu is thinking about Hawaii...and has a picture of a hottie... (note to self, pick date for Aruba)
Humbling Moments: My dear Canadian friend is being thankful, this Friday after her Thanksgiving.
I have a new link: Poop and Boogies. Written by a man. He's good!!
Bossy: Scary big picture of Al Gore..Yuck...ewww, made me throw up in my mouth a little.
Pumpkin: She is an ARTIST! I didn't know. She has these cool geometric kinda flower looking drawings that I want for my house..or office. (bday nov 10)

What else is going on?
I think Grandpa is about to die in the comic For Better of For Worse. Jim's had a couple strokes and he's very unresponsive. I also think Elizabeth is gonna get hitched.

I quit watching Cane on Tuesday nights. Jimmy Smits was easy on the eyes but I wasn't loving the writing of the show. I fell asleep during Without A Trace last night. I rewinded and got caught up, I was pooped.

Tomorrow I'm going to the eye doctor. Hopefully they can fit me with night vision googles or something. Driving to work this morning in the dark was a bitch.

FYI: The best drink evah: Gold Peak Iced Tea. The Diet tastes JUST like the sweet tea you get down south. Yum!

Have a great weekend. I should have pics from the birthday party later this weekend.
Saturday: Go Mizzou!!


Lulu said...

MP - thanks for the shout! I so wish that I was in Hawaii right about now.

Soup & 1/2 sandwich is not bad! You could have done worse, and Lord knows I get so flippin' tired of those WW frozen meals. Although, Chicken Enchilada Suiza is really delish.

I'm glad that the dr. and nurses thought that Jack is cute. No ugly dogs for my Bindi. Where' some recent pix by the way? Actually, I shouldn't be talking--I need to post some more pix of Bindi-Boo. Maybe next week.

That Pioneer Woman? She freaking rocks.

Have fun with the birthday celebrations! If you really wanted to, you could send me a piece of that red velvet cake...

Pumpkin said...

Hey hunny, thanks for the nice comment and shout on your blog!!!

As it is for your birthday and as I am a nice person (no really, I am), and as I am a comment whore who LOVES anyone who likes the art-type thingies that I do......pick your favourites and I'll send you copies....I may even have to sketch one just for you.......just tell me which style you preferred the most.

Biddy said...

luckily biddy has not woken up to anymore mice...but i'm also waking up at the slightest sound in my house...

not cool...