Drew in his dress uniform

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At the Academy they have select days that you have to wear your dress uniform. You can't see it but the pants are trashed, grass stains and dirt. The white shirt too looked horrible. Jeremy said when he went to pick him up the girls were all playing in their white dresses and the boys in their ties. Crazy kids!


Pumpkin said...

Lol......yup and I have all this to look forward to! I think that dirt and kids clothes are magnetically attracted to one another...I swear I can have Gozar looking pristine as we enter the doors of his kindergarden and when I go to pick him up, it's like he's rolled around in a mud patch.....even when there'S NO MUD AROUND!

On another note, I took your advice on Friday....I'm feeling much more...'together' now...lol...thanks hun. xxx

Jenn said...

What a handsome little guy!