Weekend Update

Well...Friday night my dinner turned out great. We ate Red Velvet Cake and played dominos. Mom and Dad playing dominoes is hysterical...we play Mexican Train. The evening was upset by Jack peeing on Grandma's white rug..you would have thought it was the END OF THE WORLD. Drama...way too much drama.

Saturday was a beautiful day, it was actually HOT. We went out to Drew's school's Country Fair. They had popcorn balls, cotton candy, BBQ, large inflatables, games! We spent way too much money..but it was "for the children".

We came home and Drew played street ball. This is the quote from the email I sent his mom: Yesterday afternoon we were going to bring the dog to the park, when we walked outside there were boys out there playing streetball. They asked Drew to play. I sat on the steps reading and “watched”…Drew did awesome, and the older boys he played with were really good to him…telling him that he did awesome… or telling him he it didn’t matter if he missed. It was 2 on 2..Drew’s teammate was a 15 year old named C . They are new neighbors..from Pakistan or something. The other two were Caleb from across the street (10 or 11 years old, Xtreme bike rider, he travels to tournaments) and Dennis, C’s younger brother. I SO wish I had my camera. Drew used all his tricks from the soccer field. Drew played outside until the street lights came on… no whining about mosquito’s or anything!

Today is J's 40th bday. We got him a set of golf clubs..and tonight I'm giving him his New iPod!! I got him the 8gb Touch. He will LOVE that!
Drew has soccer practice tonight, only if it doesn't lightening. Yes, we're due for thunderstorms today!


Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Now I really want cotton candy!

Linda said...

Sounds like J's spoiled by the ones that love him!!
40 is an important one...tell him Happy Birthday for me!!

Lulu said...

Happy Birthday, J!

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Um, was that a shout-out to Kathy Griffin---"for the children"?

Jack was being a very bad boy peeing on grandma's rug and all...