Freakin Out Over Here

So...In my 5 meme I just wrote about I talked about working in Hell..but liking the people. I just found out one of the girls that I worked with died. She was 42, a mom w/ 2 kids. Unfortunately her older son was in jail, due to get out this Christmas.

Leona was a firey redhead w/ beautiful curls. She was a country girl at heart and loved her family very much. She was our accounting person...she was quiet but had a dry sense of humor.

Before Leona died, around a year ago I found out Jennifer, the girl whose position at that job I filled was diagnosed with cancer. Jennifer is still fighting hard. I was her assistant before she left to be a stay at home mom.

Then of course prior to all of that my friend Jim was diagnosed w/ ALS in 2001. He died a couple years later.

All three of these previous co worker are dealing with this CRAP in their 30's and 40's.
Leona came home from work Monday and went downstairs on her treadmill. She called up telling her hubby that she "pulled something in her neck". He got her a cool towel and the next thing you know she collapsed and was gone. He called 911, administered CPR..she was hooked up to machines and they transferred her to 3 different hospitals. She didn't make it. She donated what organs could be used to science.

It's just really strange though...from an office of 7 people 2 are dead and 1 has cancer..all before 45 years old. I'm feeling a little strange about that.


Lulu said...

Wow...that's really some sad stuff you're dealing with over there. I'm really sorry about your co-workers. Such a tragic story about them all...

Try not to let it get to you too much. Go give J, Drew, and all your animals big hugs.

slouching mom said...

That's so sad. What happened to her? Was it a stroke? An aneuryism?

Pumpkin said...

Oh hun.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...