blogging time

I have 2 huge spreadsheets to go through and 9 messages in my voicemail...my choice. Update the blog.

I slept good, thanks for asking. I started reading a Nicholas Sparks book last night, Jack didn't even bite at the pages, good boy! That really helped me unwind.

Tonight Drew has soccer practice. God Love Him..I had to get J the map. I'm usually with him and tell him where to turn to get ot the park. He's not sure on his own. I'll meet them there, it's a very nice park. Jack likes to run around too. When we get home I have MAJOR TV NIGHT...this is MP heaven on Tuesday nights. NCIS, The Unit and I am going to start watching Cane. I missed last week though..we were in Chicago; J gave me The Unit..and he hates anything remotely associated with "war"...so I gave up Jimmy Smit's..yeah, very big of me. So I'll be starting w/ episode 2.

The boy started taking sales calls today. So far so good. It may not be til Monday when he can actually answer incoming phone calls...those damn phone programmers take forever to get out here, they are like the cable company.

I read Wide Lawns...see the side bar for the link. Her parents crack me up. They went to LA for vacation and moved there. If you don't read her stories please check her out. She really is a great writer.... Not a "mommy blogger"...and not about day to day drivel like I do..it's bizzare stories of her very excentric family. Funny stuff.

OK, I procrastinated enough...
OH...beautiful post over at Serving The Queens...Jenn's bil's brother was killed in the war. Very touching.


Anonymous said...

What you don't watch HOUSE? OMG it's the best show on TV! But I totally understand how one can get sucked into way too much TV! I'm glad you are sleeping better! And btw...I like reading your daily happenings! That's what getting to know you is all about! Going out to check out some wide lawns!
{{HUGS}} Linda

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm supposed to be working too, instead I'm discovering new blogs. lol

Lulu said...

Jack is a good boy.

Let's see...last night I watched Cavemen (kind of funny in a wierd, unpolitically correct kind of way), Carpoolers (cracked me up, but doubt it will last), and Dancing with the Stars (Lord knows I love me some Maksim).