Bus Crashes into the Greek's House

You know how I talk about my neighbors. I mention the Greek's with their loud Greek/Rap music..the ones across the alley, this is their house. A bus almost crashed into it. I love the writing on the story!

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Lulu said...

"After the crash, the children, ages 5 and 6, took refuge at Lords & Ladies Hairstyling, 2927 Hampton Avenue.They munched on Fritos and swilled soda as they sat in chairs with hair dryers attached."

What? Why didn't these kids come to your house? You could have fed them Lucky Charms instead of freaking Fritos.

Biddy said...

"other's just went yak yak yak"

where do they find these people?!

arsenal? as in, weapons? some street name MP! hehe

slouching mom said...

Was the woman who wrote this article a little tipsy?

So funny!

AnnieM said...

How did the writer get away with writing like that? It is very SNL-ish but hilarious! It wasn't your car that was just missed on the curb, was it?

MP said...

I no..don't you love that!
No..I live in a brick house BEHIND that house.

I saw what it looked like last night..screwed up.

FYI...2 other school bus incidents last night...a drunk lady driving the bus to the pumkin farm..and the 2nd was a crash this morning avoiding a deer...luckily no one seriously hurt in either one.