Happy New Year!

Sunset Aruba
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Yes..it's 24 degrees outside..so to stay warm I'm going to think of Aruba.. :-)

Mizzou won the Cotton Bowl..the dog is going nuts..I'm playing on the computer and J is playing xbox..what more could we ask for a relaxing New Years Day!!

Hope you are having the same.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mary Pat!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pic. Oh, I so want to be there. Happy New Year!

Emily said...

Happy New Year! Ohhhh, how I'd love to be in Aruba right now!

dawn224 said...

Yes, we were driving through that lovely weather. FUN! Happy New Year!

Frogdancer said...

That's -4 degrees!!!!! That's simply unthinkable.....

On New Year's Day in Melbourne Australia it was so hot I spent the day in my bathers under the air con.

I take my hat off to you guys. I don't know how you do it. The coldest it ever gets here is about 9 degrees( your 48 degrees F).

Kinda brings home the fact that the world is actually round, doesn't it?