Friday Free for all...

It's anything and everything in my brain...the stuff that when I say it all out loud it makes people look at me like "is there an off button"...

I have a cavity..and I understand why it's called that. It's a whole, a quarry in my tooth and it hurts..like a dull ache so I'm chewing on one side of my mouth and that is just a pain in the ass. Oh well I guess I'll live, I go back to get it all taken care of on the 29th. I really wish I had dental insurance cause I have a feeling that only bad stuff is in my future.

Do you know who you are voting for this election? We have the primary coming up in February. I thought I knew but I was doubting myself. Slade/Dolce found two websites where you go and put in how you feel about main issues (education, abortion, immigration, taxes, stem cell research etc..) and it will rate the canditates..you can see who is thinking along the same lines as you. I did it and it confirmed who I was supporting. I was interested to see the #2, 3, 4 etc.. That will especially come in handy for November. Go on over and do those..they are really enlighting. And if you don't know what the issues are the first link allows you to click and it explains what it means to support or oppose..and does it in laymans terms.

One of my photo idols is Lisa... I nominated her for one of those award things. Go check out her photos and vote for her...there are TONS of people out there nomitated for stuff. Go out there and vote!

Both Edwards and the Clintons are going to be in town tomorrow. This really sucks since Edwards is going to be near our house and we have scouts and soccer..I hope they don't start closing roads and stuff. Last time I saw the Clintons I was almost arrested. If you are actually reading this and havent' heard the story and would like to let me know.

It was 19 degrees this morning...that is supposed to be the HIGH tomorrow. Nice..

It really sucks that Brad Renfro died. I just watched Apt Pupil a few weeks ago and was mentioning to Dolce about what a great young actor he was..and that it sucked about the drugs. News is he had a F*CK ALL Y'ALL freshly tatted on his back. Yeah, I think he had some issues.

Did you hear they are now saying that Brit Brit is Sybill and has multiple personalities..and she doesn't remember what she does. Now that would be something!

We sent REAL grocery shopping last night. First time since before Christmas. I threw out so much in the fridge that had expired or was old. Felt good! I really knew it was time when I baked my potato in the microwave yesterday afternoon..then sliced it open and it was rotten..J thew out the newer potatoes and kept the old ones in there..Oopps...

I REALLY want to win Pioneer Woman's latest photo contest. My entry was pretty lame and there are over 2000 people that entered. But it's for a $500 gift certificate to Best Buy..OMG. First think I would do is buy Photo Shop!!

If you are looking for an AWESOME dip that is a little different. BUY THIS...and a bag of pretzels. You will thank me.


Emily said...

Wow...you are just full of info. I clicked on all kinds of links...thanks for giving me something to do while avoiding work!

Tasina said...

The high here tomorrow is going to be 1. ONE!!! Uno. Un. With the wind chill it will be -21. MINUS TWENTY ONE. So....hush up! ;)

I did a post about a year ago wondering why it is that people in St. Louis go berserk and buy up large quantities of milk if they think bad weather is coming. Milk?? Why that of all things?

Bri said...

I always enter her contests and I never even come close. le sigh

Speaking of pretzels, have you been to the pretzel place that's on.....er, I can't remember, but it's been here forever and it's a family business and I love pretzels and the dip sounds really yummy and I need to stop talking now......bye!

lisa's chaos said...

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nomination. I rarely win anything but it's great to be nominated. :)

It's hard to believe how many entries PW gets anymore. I remember when she only had a few hundred entries each time. Oh well, I don't even try anymore.