Family 1987

Family 1987
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OK...this was AFTER the freshman 15..I really had a bad perm..bad hair..mom was much thinner..dad still wears that shirt.
Doesn't Spanky look a bit like Jack? Poor Spanky.. :0( He's no longer with us.


Biddy said...

*snort* tee hee hee i'm sorry but that hair is killin me...

and yeah, my mom is 7ish years older than you...you can call her roxanne ;-)

and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's forgotten about it

Just a Walk in the Park said...

I had the same hair!!!!

But, I don't remember having a puffy shirt like that, o.k. maybe I did, some of my fashion from those has escaped my memory, on purpose.
The Park Wife

Lulu said...

Um, I can't see the picture.

Lulu said...

Okay - I clicked on it and saw it. Spanky does look like Jack!!

MP said...

Fashions in the 70's and 80's were OK..the hair was just horrible!!

Even J thought that Spanky and Jack looked alot alike.