Jury Duty - MP Style

Today was day one of jury duty. I live in the city and I get called every 4 years like clockwork. I have NEVER been chosen for a jury.

Today I had to be there at 8am. I parked in the approved garage and walked around 4 blocks to the courthouse..70 degrees in January..go figure. I checked in and sat down..the place as paced with close to 1500 potential jurors. They started calling panels..not me..I read. Then I read some more..then I went to the smoking lounge and read more. I was almost finished with my book..they called a total of 4 panels then at 11:30 the annouced lunch til 1:15..I walked down the street and figured I would stop at whatever looked good. We're supposed to have a storm so the winds in downtown were like Chicago.. I ate at this nice little pizza place. $7 buffet for jurors..nice. I ate with this very nice lady who owns a market in town..more like a grocery store. She lives in one of the high rise condos.. = $$$$ Then I went back to the lounge at the jury waiting room..they called 4 more panels..NOT ME.. I finised my book and started another..I came prepared.

4pm they sent us home..I walked through the downtown wind tunnel w/ my validated parking tag..and went home. I got paid $12 for this..$7 for lunch..so I'm up $5! Wooo hooo.

Tomorrow I go back at 9am..if I don't get chosen I'll get to go home. So exciting. J..he went 2 years ago..chosen for a panel on day one and then actually got picked for a jury. Me not so lucky. I figure it's cause I'm too smart and good looking.. LOL..I crack myself up..

Dolce: Jack loses the boys on Friday!!


Lulu said...

I've never even been called for jury duty, and I'm probably one of the few who really wants to go!!

Oh, please give Jack a big kiss for me and Bindi!

Emily said...

I've never been called for jury duty (knock on wood.) But I've always been very curious about it. Tell us all about it, ok?!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more...I've never been called either!

Dolce said...

I have a moment of silence on Friday for the poor guys. Otherwise, I hope jury duty is going well.

Round 2.

Biddy said...

Chablis needs to lose her innards...

oh, and every FOUR years? wtf!? i get called at LEAST once a year!