Cold Enough For You??

It's cold, single digit cold..This sucks!!

Poor little Jack was afraid of the wind yesterday, he'd go out side..the wind would kick up and mid-stream he would run back to the door.

I started a new book! I didn't finish the others but dove into a new one..just in time since jury duty starts on Monday..PRIME reading time!

Big news in town is that our highway shut down. Highway 40 which runs from East to West shut down..completely for a couple years. This is the highway that I use to drive to work. My 17 minute commute took 45 minutes today. I took an alternate highway. Tomorrow I'm going to try a more direct route but side streets. This is going to be quite an adventure.

My uncle's cousin...who dad used to sit with at the nursing home passed away. Sam was in his 90's..his wife lived at home but would visit him every day in the nursing home. I feel bad for her..she'll be so lonely.

My mom called this afternoon, my cousin's husband died. I didn't know him well but what I did know of him he was a wonderful man. He was only in his 50's. Their youngest was around 15..I realize she is the same age as another cousin..the oldest has to be around 29... He was a loving husband, great father and grandfather. He was very active in his church. I feel so bad for my cousin to be widowed at such a young age. I can't even imagine. I'm happy that she still has one daughter home. His death was a shock..he wasn't ill. Must have been a heart attack. Details still haven't come in...I last saw him at my wedding..I'm glad they came in town.

Mom says someone else needs to die..NICE mom. She thinks that death has to come in 3's. If no one she knows personally dies by next week she'll pull someone from the celebrity obits and make them count..Mom's like that.

Check out the best New Year's List..I especially like losing 2 lbs LOL! Good going Melinda.

I haven't made a list...I might....we'll see.


Melinda Zook said...

I am so sorry to hear about the recent deaths. Hopefully, the rule of 3s won't work out this time.

Good luck with your new commute. That happened to me a few years ago and it was such a drag.

Melissa said...

Catching up on my blog reading. -Yours may take a few days ;)

I'm sorry to read about the deaths in your family. Some holiday season this year huh?

I didn't want to write this on my blog, but I was thinking about the "Death comes in 3s" thing too. I really am expecting two more people in my life to die within the next year (because of the 3's thing). -Maybe one of them can count for your mom ;)

Again, humor aside, I am sorry for your losses.