My first meme of the new year!

I stole this MEME!!

Using the first letter of your name, answer these questions. They have to be real answers, nothing made up, and you can’t use your own name as an answer.

1. Famous singer: Madonna (at least she used to be famous)

2. Four letter word: Mail

3. Street: Market Street

4. Color: Mauve

5. Gifts/presents: Mirror

6. Vehicle: Mazda

7. Things in a souvenir shop: Matches

8. Boy name: Michael

9. Girl name: Michelle

10. Movie title: Men In Black

11. Drink: Mojito

12. Occupation: Missionary

13. Celebrity: Mandy Moore

14. Magazine: Mademoiselle

15. U.S. city: Macon

16. Pro sports: Miami Heat (does that count)

17. Fruit: Mango

18. Reason for being late for work: Making Whoppie

19. Something you throw away: mismatched socks

20. Something you shout: Move It Or Lose It Asswhole!

OK...I'm not going to tag anyone. If you like meme's do it...if you don't like them don't feel obligated. I thought it was easy and fun!


Tasina said...

I am wildly weepingly screamingly jealous of your gift certificates. Waaaaahhhhhh.

We lived on Nottingham. A couple streets away was a place called Manzo's Imports - you probably know it. I REALLY miss that place. The nicest people in the world and THE BEST italian sausage and cheeses. *weeping* Never speak to me about this again. *sniff sniff, sob sob*

Dolce said...

Madonna will ALWAYS be famous!!!

klasieprof said...

Oh my stars! This will make me think too long.
Well...OK I think I will try this after I have some wine.