MY United States of America

You know how I am..stealing ideas...

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I didn't mark Arkansas cause I only drove through...same with Alabama..

So my thought is, if I could only pick one state to go to that I've never been before..where would I go next:
Well I DO want to go to Arkansas. We want to take a family vacation to the diamond mines..maybe next year.
I'd like to go to South Dakota..cause I really want to see Mt Rushmore.
I'd also like to see New Mexico..it looks beautiful in pictures.
We were going to go to Wyoming for our honeymoon..but we went to Aruba instead.
I think that I'm going to pick Maine..I have ALWAYS wanted to visit our little state up North..have some fresh seafood and relax in the cool ocean breeze..guess I better go in the Summer.

What about you? Do your map, just follow the link and figure out what state you would like to visit next..and let me know!!


Tasina said...

Woohoo South Dakota. Come visit us. You can cuss and drink and smoke and do dang near anything in our bars!!

dawn224 said...

If you drive to Springfield then down 65 and head to Hot Springs - it's a beautiful drive - just do it in a small car and not a big ole truck like I did.

lisa's chaos said...

You need to go to Wyoming! I fell in love with that entire state! The places I want to go next are Maine and Oregon. :)

klasieprof said...

Please Count the states you have driven through. YOU HAVE been there.
How did you resize yours? Mine sticks way out and doesn't show the entire thing!!