End of 2007

So today is the day. Buh Bye 2007..and good riddance.
No, it wasn't all bad and I don't want to be cynical. It's just nice to start a new fresh year..

2007 in the news was a waste. Too much politics and celebrity crap.
Anna Nicole Smith's baby, her son's overdose, her death/overdose then the battle over her daughter.
Britney Spears and her drama..which leads to her sister.
Paris Hilton going to jail.
Lindsy Lohan and her rehab..
Speaking of rehab..Amy Winehouse please go

Politics though wasn't as bad as it will be this year. I'm already sick of it though..I just can't wait for this to get over so Hillary will be out of the news. That woman makes me sick.

2007 started off rough for the family. J's step-dad got sick, REALLY sick at Christmas and after a long hospital stay passed away in Feburary. This was a huge blow to J's mom and it's been a long process.
In early April we headed off to Aruba..This was a highlight of the year. J and I LOVED Aruba so much we want to marry it. I will use this time to have you note the sidebar...where you see the countdown.. Yep..it's coming up again soon!
Soon after we came home from Aruba we got the call that J's Uncle died. Heart attack on his drive home from Chicago for business. This was like a punch in the gut. I miss him so much I can't image how his wife and daughters feel. He was my favorite..and I'm not shy about admitting it.
This summer began the yo yo of where Drew would be going to school. It took all summer but was finally decided that he'd go to the Academy..and he loves it.
Late summer also brought us the arrival of our dear little Jack.
Mom and Dad have been having their health issues this year, I'm sure this won't get any better since they are getting older..and that sucks. But at least I still have them, right?
J's Grandma has really been going downhill. She wrecked the car..thank God no one was hurt and she's giving her daughters a really hard time about losing any independance and moving to a retirement community....she'll be 90 this year.
This year I've really gotten into taking pictures. I'm not very good and have a lot to learn. I love my flickr friends and have tons of fun!

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.. Oh wrong holiday!?! Opps...


slouching mom said...

wow -- that is a lot of sadness in one year.

here's hoping that 2008 is healthier -- for everybody.

and yes, what a funny dream!

Tasina said...

We had a similar year. A couple of deaths - one of which was REALLY hard for our family. A bunch of illness - including me tumbling down the stairs like an idiot. 2008 has got to be better. I insist on it.

Say, I see you're in St. Louis? We lived there for 6 years before moving to South Dakota (where I'm originally from). I miss it sometimes. We lived near the Hill neighborhood and I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the food!